Every Wednesday is “Movie night with Sunce”


We started the first Movie night with Sunce marking the Lifelong Learning Week on Friday, October 1st, at the Association Sunce premises with the documentary “A Plastic Ocean”.

Some of the highlights of the documentary are:

  • a small percentage of plastic can be recycled, the rest goes to landfills or ends up in nature
  • with the help of UV rays, sea currents and salt, plastic objects in the sea break down into smaller pieces – microplastics that affect even the smallest marine organisms
  • microplastics in fish or shellfish releases toxins into the muscles and body – toxins that humans also consume through fish or shellfish consumption
  • microplastics can directly enter the seas and oceans via micro-beads in toothpaste, face scrubs and cosmetics
  • people around the world continue to use plastic as a cheap and readily available substitute for firewood, releasing toxic compounds into the air
  • populated poor countries and remote islands of the world are perfect places for unloading plastic waste, which is increasing at every moment and prevents people from living a normal life

Conclusion of the discussion:

  • since the filming of the documentary (2016) not much has changed – ocean plastic waste is still one of the biggest consequences of this form of pollution on the marine environment
  • reducing the use of plastic in everyday life can reduce its demand and production
  • by avoiding buying a product in a store that is in plastic packaging we send a message to the market to try and offer the same product without plastic packaging that we would want to buy

Movie night with Sunce will be a weekly activity that will be organized every Wednesday from 5PM in the premises of the Association Sunce by our ESC volunteers Sofia and Ivana.

On Wednesday, October 6th 2021, we will watch “Life in Color with David Attenborough” at 5PM.

The project “Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2020” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs within the EU program European Solidarity Corps. The aim of this event is to involve young people and adults who have a significant role in recognizing opportunities that can lead to significant changes in the environment and society.

See you on Wednesday!