End of the Partnership for the Environment

At the end of December 2016, we completed the two-year project of the Green phone Network of Environmental partnerships: Development of the environmental protection capacity of the public and civil sector in Croatia through the application of the Green phone service.

We remind you that the project was fund by the EU (90%) under the Grant scheme: Strengthening support to civil society organizations to increase transparency and good public administration management in Croatia within the implementation of I component of IPA 2011 (National program for Croatia under the IPA component: “Transition assistance and institution building” for 2011) and the Office for Associations of the government of the Republic of Croatia.
The implementation of the project was attended by members of the Croatian Green phone Network – a telephone where citizens can talk about various environmental issues and make suggestions and callers on the phone transfer information to the relevant institutions.

For the Green phone Network, this is a great experience that has brought a lot of positive for both us and our users, associates and the general public.

All the activities carried out and the results achieved contributed to the achievement of the overall project goal – building a strong partnership and effective long-term cooperation between citizens, local and state authorities and civil society organizations involved in environmental protection and nature.

Through one-year research and gathering data on the structure, methods, procedures and tools for the work of local and state authorities through the analysis of calls, surveys and interviews, we identified any possible obstacles and problems in achieving this goal and proposed solutions for them – and all of them were shaped in a publication Sit, C! (Sjedni, tri!) which was distributed to 780 e-mail addresses of competent agencies, but also promoted through media, web and social sites of partners and associates on the project.
Work on removing obstacles and problems started immediately. We have built our own capacities to actively participate in solving environmental problems by educating on environmental legal and journalistic workshops, a regular interaction of Green phone activists and sharing ideas, developing an advanced application for monitoring the reporting statistics.

For work transparency, the bodies of local and state authorities, have been encouraged through the workshop “Public information models”. Also, representatives of the local and state authorities were able to present their own work by participating in radio/TV shows and through social networking sites on the project.

Citizens have called for co-operation but were also educated about the opportunities for active participation in environmental and nature protection through regular radio or TV shows on Green phone work. In addition, we have prepared, printed and distributed a publication about active participation in the protection of the environment and nature by the name You can do it too! (Možeš i ti!) The publication offers 20 solutions to 20 environmental problems and we hope to encourage citizens to speak openly and publicly about the issues affecting all of us and become responsible citizens and members of our local and global community.
Collaboration with bodies and services of local and state authorities in environmental and nature protection has been strengthened at roundtables through a joint discussion of local environmental problems and participation in joint actions to address these problems. This has also contributed to the resolution of specific local environmental and nature-related problems. Six agreements have been signed on cooperation in resolving environmental problems.

Activists of the Green phone of Croatia daily provided assistance to citizens in solving environmental problems but also educated them about the possibilities of active participation in environmental protection and nature. In their work activists have been using the help of newly-developed tools such as mailing lists of external experts for particular areas and environmental components. In addition to solving this problem, it also contributes to an increased share of successfully solved problems.

But the end of the project is not the end of building a strong partnership and effective long-term cooperation between citizens, local and state authorities and civil society organizations involved in environmental and nature protection.

The content of this press release is the sole responsibility of the Sun Society and can in no way be considered to reflect the views of the European Union and the Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for the associations.