Diving filed work

As part of the project “Mapping, monitoring and management of the cross-border Natura 2000 network at sea (4M)” from 27.06. – 10.07.2016. the Sunce Association organized a field for mapping of marine species and habitats.
A total of 10 divers, employees and volunteers of Sunce, dived through 25 km of coast from Cape Savinovo to Prevlaka in 12 days.

Divers created 66 sea bottom profiles with the aim of describing the habitat, the species and the maximum depth at a dive, using the Inventory and Monitoring Manual for marine habitats and the Marine Protection Handbook and Identification of the Living World of the Adriatic that were also prepared and released under the 4M Project.

In co-operation with stakeholders, in a participatory manner, data gathered on the ground will be used to develop Natura 2000 area management measures “Aquatics in front of the Konavle rocks”.

The diving sites that are still waiting for us within the 4M project are:
– September 2016 mapping for Arza-Platamuni area (MN)
– April/May 2017 monitoring of Posidonia in the area of Natura 2000 aquarium in front of the Konavle rocks (CRO)
– April / May 2017 monitoring of Posidonia in the Arta-Platamuni area (MN)

Photos: Jelena Belamarić