Cycling improves quality of life


Biking is becoming increasingly popular every day. Traffic burdens, great driving costs, car maintenance and stress are just some of the reasons why more and more people are riding a bicycle. In developed countries and cities, such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, as much as 40 percent of urban traffic refers to bicycles. In Amsterdam, which counts 800,000 people, estimates show that there are as many as 880,000 bicycles, while the number of cars is estimated at only 263,000. Biking brings a whole range of well-being that has a positive impact on quality of life. We only bring to you some of them:


1. SAVE MONEY – Someone drives a more expensive car, some cheaper, but one and the other option is quite expensive. Additionally, the more expensive and the cheaper car definitely consume fuel that is getting more and more expensive every day. If we also note that every year a car needs to be registered, serviced, you need to pay for the parking, we can say we have at least a figure of about ten thousand kunas to be paid if you want to drive a car. In contrast, the bicycle is, besides the initial cost of purchase and low maintenance, cost FREE!


2. DECREASE THE EMISSION OF GREENHOUSE GASES AND TRAFFICKING – If you choose to ride a bicycle, you will not only be more goodlooking, healthier and in better shape but will also reduce the release of gases into the atmosphere that causes the greenhouse effect. Bicycle riding for just 25 minutes a day instead of driving a car will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 165 kg per year! You will also contribute to reducing traffic jams.


3. REDUCE THE STRESS – Bicycle riding acts as relaxing for body and spirit, reduces anxiety, suppresses depression and other psychological problems and controls the hormonal balance of the body.


4. SHAPE YOUR MUSSELS AND KEEP A HEALTHIER LINE – even though riding a bike takes a lot of physical effort, it is worth it! There is no need to be a great expert to realize that by pedaling we lose weight and form the body. Research shows that the average person in an hour’s journey loses 650 calories.


5. INCREASE ENERGY AND ENDURANCE- If you do not have the energy and you lack the mood, then cycling is ideal for you. Research has confirmed that even slow driving, three times a week, significantly results in a better mood. Energy will lift up by 20 percent and fatigue is reduced by as much as 65 percent because riding a bicycle sends a signal to the brain which raises the hormone dopamine associated with the amount of energy in the body.


6. SAVE YOUR HEART – Research has confirmed that a moderate ride three times a week for half an hour lowers cholesterol and eliminates cardiovascular disorders.


7. IMMEDIATE IMMUNITY – Cycling has a positive impact on immunity that makes us healthier and more resistant to diseases.


8. SAVE YOUR JOINTS – Bicycle riding is an ideal recreation for all those who have problems with their wrists or generally joints because they do not burden the body with its weight. You just choose the intensity of exercise that makes riding a bike suitable for all ages.