Change, take a picture and win!


On the occasion of Earth Day, 22.04.2015, the Sunce Association is organizing a photo contest “Before and After“. The aim of the competition is to motivate and start the citizens to clean up the environment, carry out cleaning actions or in any way contribute to a cleaner, neater and environmentally friendly environment by reducing, reusing, recycling and cleaning accordingly to the principle … In order to apply for a contest, citizens will have to photograph the state of the environment as before the action and the state of the environment after the action. Two selected photographs will be sent by the contestants to the Sunce Association, after which we will publish them on the official Facebook site of the Association. The winner of the competition is the one whose photographs collect the most “likes” until the closing of the competition 21.04.2015. The prize for the winner is a composting home set.


Send photos to e-mail: [email protected]