Association Sunce received an award from the University of Split

At the festive ceremony celebrated on Monday, April 29 in the large amphitheater of the Faculty of Economics on the occasion of the Day of Teaching Bases, the Rector of the University of Split, Dragan Ljutić presented awards to representatives of the best teaching bases and students who have stood out during their internship.

Among the winners is the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce, as the only civil-society organization – winner of the University of Split award. This significant recognition was taken over by the head of the Department of Education Margita Radman, a Sunce educator with extensive experience in working with children and youth.

After the awards ceremony, firms and associations that cooperated with the University of Split were introduce to the students in the atrium of the Faculty of Economics, thus enabling students to attend professional internships.

Naturally, the students were most interested in the possibility of the practical part of teaching, during which mentors from the teaching bases transfer their knowledge, experience and skills and thus help them to connect theoretical knowledge with practice.