Sunce wins “dm green city project” Grand Prix Award

Eco Initiative “DM Green City” project finished by awarding recognition to eight projects that in the opinion of the jury most contributed to environmental protection in the last year. At the ceremony, held on 19 June in Zagreb’s Westin Hotel, the award was presented by Deputy Minister for Environmental and Nature Protection, who was also the president of the jury, Mr. Hrvoje Dokoza.
A short educational video documentary by Association Sunce, Small guide to better catches and Sustainable fisheries won the first prize in the Eco-documentary category as well as the Grand Prix prize for the overall winner in all categories. According to the decision of the jury, “Small guide to better catches and Sustainable fisheries” sent the loudest environmental message.

The Sisak Ecological Film Festival, traveling environmental film festival, won the award for the best eco-educational project. This year, young volunteers from South Korea, India, France, Belgium, Portugal, Serbia and Estonia, together with bicycle organizers, drove the films with an environmental message to the urban and rural areas of Sisak-Moslavina County and neighboring BiH.

The eco-innovation award was won by May’s project for LANAC for bicycles – bicycle parking. Bicycle LANAC wants to reduce air pollution by boosting the use of bicycles in everyday life and affecting the health of citizens by encouraging them to ride bicycles every day and keep in mind, keep the heart healthy and burn calories.

The Corporate Achievement Award has won the Nextbike company for the Public Bicycle System, which introduces bicycles to the public transport system to affect nature protection, reduce harmful emissions and promote a healthy life. In a year of work, Zagreb’s public bicycle crossed 42,000 kilometers and reduced CO2 emissions by almost 15 tonnes.

The award for eco-action was won by the First Gymnasium in Zagreb for the action of collecting plastic bottles and donating returns to hospital residents in Gornja Bistrica. The company S.T.P has won the eco-packaging award and the eco-award was awarded to the Ivanić-Grad Tourist Board for Days of Organic Production that promote the consumption of ecologically grown food with educational content for visitors and dishes prepared from ecological agricultural products. Ivona Jazvinšak from Pula won the Best Eco Photography Award.

There were also acknowledgments to the schools that were most successful in collecting and recycling old paper in the Green Step action. This year, 154 schools attended the event, whose students recycled more than 270 tons of old paper.