Let’s compost!

Composting is one of the most environmentally acceptable ways of disposing of organic waste and converting to fertile humus.
Almost all organic wastes in the city of Split as well as throughout Croatia end up in waste landfills, although its degradation under controlled conditions can result in compost – organic fertilizer, rich in minerals, which plants need for a faster, easier and healthier growth.

The composting is good for multiple reasons:

The fact is that organic waste accounts for roughly one third of the total household waste and that by proper separation, the costs of waste collection that people pay out of their pockets will be reduced.
With reducing the need for garbage collection, composting also reduces the volume of garbage in landfills. Let us recall that the volume of Split’s Karepovac is about six million square meters, the garbage height level is about 60 meters, which corresponds to the height of the bell tower of Sv. Duje!
By composting, we create a useful raw material you can use for flowers, fruits, vegetables … If you do not have your garden, you can help by composting for your relatives, friends, neighbors. Along with this, you always have the option of donating compost to one of the associations that regulate urban gardens. We have that in Split, too!

Anyone can compost, either in an apartment or in the village. Today there are numerous examples of home composting sites that do not take up much space and are very useful, non-demanding and are emptied every few months.


It is useful to emphasize that people often have the wrong assumptions that the composting site is smelly. Proper composting does not create an unpleasant odor. It is important, if you decide on composting, to stick to a few rules and instructions. We have decided to put some useful links through which you can become real small composting experts!