Do we remember how paper selection boxes started?

Back in 2000, while generations currently volunteering or working in the Sunce Association, were still children, members of the Association launched a project that has become a national trend and an active part of the real market through years of lobbying, insisting and advocating. We all notice and use those deep light-gray cardboard boxes for storing old paper. We all remember when they were set up and how they looked. We all know their purpose. The Sunce Association is proud of this success.

The story of cardboard boxes for collecting paper began with an idea of ​​a man, our dear member and then long-time eco-activist and professor, Tom Lerotić. From his idea and motivation to a national trend that everyone recognizes. Tomislav Lerotić, in colaboration with our volunteers, members and employees, first introduced and set up cardboard boxes for collecting old paper. After elaborating the idea, the boxes were placed in Split, and after years and years of work to accept the practice within the community, the trend spread throughout Croatia.

This is part of the Sunce history, a great success and a story that motivates, drives and reminds us that great changes are possible. Apart from the fact that the boxes became a trend, they opened up a whole part of the free market that recognized the potential for separate collection of waste. This activity is currently run by several companies in the Republic of Croatia.