2022 Green habits Calendar


Adopting new lifestyle is certainly not a simple and fast process. However, if you gradually introduce changes from month to month at the end of the year you will be surprised with the result. A lot of people think their change can not affect global situation, but we can assure you that big changes are actually starting local and then move to the global level and we claim that every individual with a small change of harmful lifestyle can affect positive changes in environmental protection.

Therefore, we bring you ideas for introducing one good habit every month of the year.

January – Healthy nutrition

At the beginning of the year we all make some decisions, start a year with healthier nutrition. Healthy and balanced nutrition is key to the general health of an individual as well as for the prevention of numerous diseases. To create a healthy menu more easily, we found several applications that will help you.

February – Environmentally Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts  

February is the month of love. A time when we want to show our loved ones how much we care. Most of us show it with gifts. But in the age of consumerism, when the mass industry creates a huge amount of paper and packaging waste, if you want to gift your better half or yourself, reach for sustainable alternatives. We bring you a list of environmentally friendly and original gifts for various occasions with which you can express love both to your partner and to the environment.

March – Reduce water consumption

In March, the month in which we celebrate Water Day (March 22nd) start thinking more actively about how much water you consume. We are witnessing that there is less and less drinking water in the world every day and numerous sources that were plenteous not so long ago, today are no longer suitable for use. For this reason, we propose one way to reduce water consumption by 50%, without affecting your past habits.

April – Fix it, swap it, don’t throw it

Use April to repair old things. Nowadays, we can easily give up on items that can be reused with minor repairs. By repairing old things, we prolong their use, but also reduce waste, and protect the environment. Read our suggestions where to fix old things in Split.

If you want to get rid of something new that you don’t need, and you think it would be useful for someone else, join one of the sharing is caring groups on social networks and donate items you don’t use. In these groups you can find literally everything – from food, clothes, bikes, to vacations.

The Association Sunce implemented sharing is caring idea in December 2021 at the Christmas swap fair in Trogir, and the next swap fair is planned for April 22, as part of Earth Day event.

May – Reduce your waste

The amount of waste that an individual produces on an annual basis in Croatia is 414 kg. This month try to reduce the waste you produce. The simplest way to reduce waste is that each of is guided with this 4 principles: think – firstly do you need to buy the product; reduce – be aware of what kind of packaging you buy it in, reuse and recycle. Find simple recipes to reduce household waste on the link.

June – sunbathing creams that do not harm the environment

Every summer we are warned about exposing to the sun for a long time, but also reminded to use the protective factor cremes during the day. A sunscreen with a protective factor is important for protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Unfortunately, their devastating impact on health and the environment is increasing.

According to UN estimates, the fifth of coral reefs in the world are dead, and the chemical ingredients of certain cosmetic preparations also contributes to it. Therefore, this year, for sunbathing choose the creams that protect the skin from the UV rays and do not harm the environment.

July – summer eco-friendly

If you are vacationing somewhere in Dalmatia this summer, look for tourist accommodation with Dalmatia Green Eco-friendly certificate. Many tourist accommodation on the Adriatic in recent years have made significant efforts to reduce their impact on the environment because they realized that is the way to create a “green” tourist offer in Dalmatia. Suggestions for 5 Dalmatia Green Certified Eco-Friendly Accommodation on the Adriatic can be found on the link.

August – use the ashtray for the beach

Cigarettes are a big problem on beaches, not only ecologically, but visually. Most of the cigarette butts thrown on the beach end in the sand or sea. In the sea, cigarette butts decompose for 5 years, while on land they decompose for more than 15 years. So next time you go to the beach, take your disposable or reusable ashtray.

September – Cycle

September is an ideal month to start a habit of cycling. Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures and go, for a start, to work by bike. Traffic jams, high driving costs, car maintenance and fuel costs in time it will become a thing of the past, and you will develop a healthy lifestyle that does not harm the environment.

During the European Mobility Week, which traditionally takes place from 16th to 22nd September, you can also be a part of Association Sunce traditonal Split biking tour.

October – Reduce the use of lighting and save money

There are many ways to reduce the use of lighting and save energy and money. The simplest way is to reduce the consumption of electricity in your household. Choose energy savings or LED bulbs and save energy significantly.

November – All Saints’ Day without plastic

During All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day, over 15 000 tons of plastic are collected every year. Small portion is recycled, but the most waste ends up in the landfills, while in some areas people even burn it. We can commemorate our loved ones without unnecessary accumulation of plastic waste.

December – Plastic free Christmas ornaments

The holiday season is an opportunity to apply habit of reducing plastic in everyday life to Christmas decorations. Use Advent time to make Christmas decorations without plastic together and start new family traditions.