Environmentally Friendly Gifts


We bring you a list of environmentally friendly and original gifts with which you can express your love for your partner, friends, family and the environment on various occasions.

1. Potted plant
Instead of short-lived “dead” flowers, you can give something that lives longer and it is healthier. It has been proven that live plants purify and detoxify the air in the rooms. In addition, plants can improve your mood, concentration and memory, as well as reduce stress.
For amateurs, when choosing your first plant, explore which ones are the easiest to maintain (e.g., Tree of Life or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue).

2. Natural soap
Shampoos, lotions and perfumes on the shelves of drugstores have many products that contain artificial fragrances, oils, preservatives and various petroleum products harmful to the skin and the environment. Natural soaps should not be an alternative, but your daily routine.

Our recommendation is Silvan natural soap whose ingredients, design and packaging are aimed at promoting sustainability and waste-free life. The packaging of Silvan soap is made of biodegradable paper that you can plant entirely.

3. Natural teas
Your loved one is a tea lover? Then choose, for them, one type of tea from thousands of different ones. The most expensive tea in the World comes from China and its single cup costs around 1,400 kuna. However, you do not have to spend any money on tea, you can easily pick the plants available in nature and dry them as a gift.

4. Eco friendly bottles
Every minute we buy million plastic bottles of water and soon there will be more of them in the sea than fish.
Therefore, reusable bottles are an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative. In the addition to being more environmentally and your wallet friendly, they help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

We recommend Bioroot products that protect your health, the environment and are a great choice for anyone who wants to live sustainably.

5. Sustainable Clothing 
Some fabrics that we wear do serious damage to animals and our planet. Recent research shows that polyester, when washed, releases thousands of tiny plastic microfibers that end up in the sea where animals can swallow them. This means that, if you eat sea animals, you are consuming tiny pieces of plastic that came from our clothes.
To achieve a “more sustainable wardrobe”, buy more environmentally friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, linen or hemp.

6. Stainless steel razor
Did you know that you are actually wasting money on disposable plastic razors? A good financial investment is a stainless steel razor that will last literally forever, and besides, it can look really cool in your bathroom.

And finally, discard the gift wrapping paper. Most of them are not actually recyclable and have harmful layers of plastic on them. Try one of the alternatives: cloth bags, jars, baskets or reuse wrapping paper and the bags in which you received your gifts.