Donation payment slip

PAYER: name and address:

Enter your name and surname or company name and address and city. Eg
Jadran Planinović
Lakes 23
21000 Split

RECIPIENT: name and address: Sunce Association, Obala HNP 7, 21000 Split
Recipient’s account number: HR4624070001100570925
Call for approval number: 00
Payment description: Donation for the work of the Sunce Association
Amount: Enter the amount of the donation in HRK. Eg = 10.00 or = 50.00 or = 100.00 or some other amount. You also enter the membership fee in HRK. Eg = 70.00 or 30.00)

After payment to the bank account, please send an e-mail with the following information to [email protected] to send you a confirmation of receipt of the donation and inform you about the work and activities of the Association Sunce. Required information: name and surname, address, city, date of payment, amount of payment, e-mail contact address, telephone or mobile phone (optional).

For help with payment, you can contact our finance manager Samanta Šećer or administrative-financial associate-trainee Margita Gospodnetić on 021 360 779.