The Association Sunce has started a role of a supporting organization for international volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps program

Since 2016, the Association Sunce has hosted international volunteers every year as part of programs funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs: European Voluntary Service (EVS) and, later, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). However, from 2020, the Association Sunce started an additional role of supporting organization through the ESC program, which means that, in addition to hosting international volunteers, we can now send interested Croatian volunteers to 2-12 months of volunteer service to various European countries.

The goal of volunteer projects within the ESC program is to provide young people with the opportunity to respond to important social needs and contribute to the empowerment of communities through volunteering. This way, young people are enabled to gain useful experience, skills and competencies for their personal, educational, social, civic, and professional development and their employability is improved. Volunteer projects are open to public and private organizations with valid Quality Label and young people aged 18 to 30 who are registered at the European Solidarity Corps Portal.

Volunteer service is completely free for everyone who decides to do so within this program! All costs are funded by the European Commission so volunteers are provided with a return trip, accommodation, food, pocket money, visa, language course and CIGNA health insurance in the country where they will be staying. The amount of pocket money and food money is fixed for each country participating in the program.

The Association Sunce, as a support organization in the ESC program, covers the following roles:

  • support, preparation and/or training of volunteers before departure;
  • mediation between them and their host organizations;
  • providing support to volunteers upon their return from their activities to Croatia.

If you want to join the European Solidarity Corps program as a volunteer, or you are a public, private, or non-governmental organization interested in applying, implementing, and participating in this program, feel free to contact us for additional information at our email [email protected].