Volunteering in the Association Sunce is possible within short-term or long-term volunteering activities, and through specific projects or involvement in the regular activities of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce. Volunteering depends on the abilities, possibilities, and interests of volunteers as well as Sunce’s current needs and potential. Volunteering in the Association began to develop from the very beginning of its creation and operation.

By volunteering in the Association Sunce, you support the achievement of Association’s strategic goals as well as gain experience and knowledge in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation, sustainable development, and active civic engagement

In accordance with the Croatian Law on Volunteering and the Rulebook on working with Sunce volunteers, any adult who is a member of the Association and expresses an interest in volunteering can become a volunteer of the Association, or a minor with the written consent of his or hers legal representative.

You can send the completed Statement of interest in volunteering in Association Sunce by e-mail to [email protected] or deliver it in person to the Association’s premises.

By filling out this form, your data will be included in our internal database. We will contact you if the Association opens a volunteering possibility in accordance with your interests. If you wish to know more about the volunteering possibilities in the Association Sunce, feel free to contact us at 0038521360779 or the e-mail address mentioned above.

Those who volunteer for 10 hours or more are not bound to pay the membership fee for the current year. New members who express an interest in volunteering are also not bound to pay membership fee for the current year, but they are obliged to pay the fee if, for some reason, they did not volunteer for 10 hours or more in the current year.

The volunteer will sign a Volunteering agreement with the Association, to establish mutual rights and obligations. Upon completing the volunteering opportunity, the Association issues a Certificate of volunteering to the volunteer with the stated data on volunteering time, education, volunteer activities or services, and other specifics of volunteering.

Upon completing the volunteering opportunity, the Association may issue a Certificate of competence gained through volunteering to the volunteer upon request. This way, along with knowledge and experience, volunteer receives a recommendation confirming their experience in the activities they performed in the Association Sunce, especially when applying for job vacancies.

We invite you to join the Association Sunce members and our membership mailing list, through which you can regularly follow work and receive information about volunteering opportunities in the Association Sunce.

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