Why are we here

Association Sunce was founded in 1998 by the group of Split intellectuals as a response to the growing need for an independent and expert body that will offer solutions to environmental issues and nature protection.

Today Sunce is known, at the national and international level, as one of the leading organizations for the protection of nature and environment in Croatia.

We are committed to increasing the standards and improvement of environment and nature protection, we encourage the involvement and participation of the public and advocate for the creation of a responsible society conscious of the connection between people and nature.

We are here to protect the interests and the public’s right to a healthy environment and create solutions to conservation and rational use of natural resources for the benefit of all citizens.



Croatia is a country with preserved natural values, marine and coastal environment and local communities, whose development depends on the principles of sustainability and circular economy.

Association Sunce is a place of creative ideas, mutual support and respect.