What we do


Sunce is one of the leading civil society organizations in Croatia that advocates, educates and informs about environmentally responsible solutions based on professional and research work.

It raises awareness and fosters communities and individuals to participate in environment and nature protection on local and national levels. It works in collaboration with national and international organizations and networks.

In order to fulfill our mission we:

  1. Advocate for public participation
  2. Educate and inform public in order to change  values and behavior
  3. Explore in order to create background and guidance for protection measures and more effective action
  4. Advocate responsible management methods, based on the sustainable development

You can find our successes on the page – “Success stories”

Through the Nature conservation program, the Environmental protection and sustainable development program, Department of education and information, Department of environmental law, projects and fields of work Sunce fulfills its mission and goals defined in the strategic plan:

The strategic objectives set for the period 2021.-2026.

  1. Contribution to establishment of sustainable waste management system on land and sea
  2. Increased level of environmentally responsible behavior of wider public and target groups
  3. Increased impact of Sunce on public policies and court practices in the area of nature and environment protection, and sustainable development
  4. Contribution to increased efficiency of nature protection sector with focus on coastal and marine ecosystems conservation

Financial plan 2022 – available in Croatian only

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