Public Tender for Members of the Managing Board of the Association Sunce

Public Tender for Members of the Managing Board of the Association Sunce

Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce opens a tender for members of the Association Managing Board

The duration of the competition: 09 March – 22 March 2020


Association Sunce announces a public tender to select new members of the Managing Board. The competition is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Statute. The Statute can be found on the website of the Association Sunce Split, .

Members will be elected in order to contribute organizational development of the Association, provide an efficient and transparent management, and contribute in achieving the vision and strategic goals of the Association.

In accordance with the principles of good governance in civil society organizations, work of Board members is voluntary (non-payed position).


– VSS (higher education)

– Minimum 5 years of working experience

– Knowledge of English

– Computer skills


– Knowledge and interest in issues of environment and nature protection and sustainable development

– Knowledge of the management of the civil society organizations

– Experience in management bodies

– Experience in fundraising

– Experience in managing financial resources

– Knowledge of human resource management

– Knowledge of legislation related to the work of civil society organizations

– Knowledge of the Association Sunce

– Knowledge of marketing

– Communication skills

Application for tender should be accompanied by:

– CV

– Motivation letter

Applications are accepted only via e-mail to:

The deadline for applications is 22. March 2020.

Candidates will be informed about the results of the tender via e-mail. Only short-listed candidates will be interviewed. Current Managing Board of the Association Sunce is responsible for selection of candidates.


In accordance with Article 49 of the Statute of the Association, the Managing Board is responsible for the following tasks:

– implements the decisions of the Assembly,

– supervises and monitors the work of the Executive Director, financial and material operations and ensures compliance with the laws, the Statute, the decisions of the Assembly and other general acts of the Sunce,

– adopts the Regulations and other internal general acts,

– gives an opinion on the annual work program and the financial plan,

– gives its opinion on the report on work and financial operations,

– makes labor-related decisions in accordance with the Work and Employment Regulation,

– appoints / recalls the Executive Director,

– appoints committees, ethics committees and similar bodies as appropriate,

– makes decisions on admission and termination of membership to active members,

– decides on awards and other awards,

– decides in the event of a dispute between members of the Sunce or a conflict of interest within the Sunce in accordance with Article 62 of these Statutes

– decides on all other matters set out in this Statute,

– represents and promotes Sunce and promotes the work of Association Sunce.

Managing Board is elected for four years.

Board meetings are held as needed, at least twice a year.

In addition to the roles defined in the Statute, we expect that the new Board of Directors will provide added value and support to the work of the Association in the form of: improving the influence, visibility and reputation of the Association, enhancing the programmatic activities of the Association, transferring experience in the field of leadership and management, strengthening financial planning, fund raising activities for achieving the goals of the Association, developing human resources, establishing new and developing existing partnerships and contacts.



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