Small Steps for Sustainable Society


The Sunce Association, in cooperation with the sender organization of PEL Skopje hosts two volunteers from the Republic of Macedonia; Sash Radulov and Milan Pesik. The Project Small Steps for a Sustainable Society is a long-term project of the European Volunteer Service, which runs from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018. Volunteers are engaged in numerous activities such as:

  • support in the organization of educational activities,
  • workshops,
  • lectures,
  • presentations,
  • seminars,
  • conferences, primarily those related to Dalmatia Green and Green Excursions,
  • nature protection and sustainable tourism,
  • preparation and dissemination of communication materials (brochures, leaflets, promotional videos, etc.)
  • support in organizing public events (exhibitions, local fairs and local events)
  • data collection and market research on sustainable tourism through websites,
  • maintenance of accommodation portal,
  • sorting photo bases, data and other …

Volunteers will leave the “comfort zone” during the EVS project, improve independence, integrate into Split culture, resourcefulness, communication skills and budget management skills. Volunteer engagement in sustainable tourism and environmental protection makes them very happy and proud and expands their knowledge. Also, they need to design their own “mini project” – from the idea, preparation, implementation and evaluation to EVS project to get acquainted with project management. Target groups with which EVS volunteers work are local children, youth and the general local community. The project Small Steps for a Sustainable Society supports international volunteering, strengthening informal competences and multicultural inclusion.