Green trips – summer break

With the summer starting, we are adding the results of another season of green trips. In 2015 (until 01.07.2015), we held 9 trips to which 347 pupils and 23 teachers were attending. We visited various ecosystems in nature at the Parks of Marjan Forest, the Krka River and the Krčić River, the source of the Ruda River, Grab and Cetina, the educational paths of Leopold Mandić and Omiš, and the Peručko Lake and Vrlika.


As for the number of green trips, we have been advancing since our beginnings in 2013, so now, even before the summer break, we count 9 trips with 347 children. Do not forget that green excursions are carried out most often from April through June, with the May time changing we did not have much green trips.


As part of the Nature of Dalmatia project, the ecological association ‘Krka’ Knin has begun to run green trips, as we can say, it was a good start because in the first year of the educators from Knin, there were 11 excursions attended by 215 children


Apart from green trips, we have been working hard to improve and design new locations for green excursions throughout the year, so we also had three workshops on the improvement of our offer within the project Nature of Dalmatia and five times went to field research for new locations.

Take a look at the pictures from the Green Holidays so far on our Facebook page, recommend us to friends and colleagues and if you are interested, let the educators of Sunce and Krka Knin set up a Green Trip for you.

Also, a new video of green excursions is coming soon … STAY TUNED 🙂