Green trips – report for 2015

The end of the year is coming and we are checking the results of all Green Day Tours in 2015.
We have allotted 23 excursions, together with 479 students and 33 teachers, which, we must praise, is our best result since we started out with the Green Trips. Let’s remember, when we just started with the Green Trip philosophy in 2013, we had 8 Green Trips.

Hit Green Trip in 2015 with 10 departures to the Park Forest Marjan or should we say Green Trip for the Ecosystem of Forests and the Sea. The second place holds the Green Trip to the Ecosystem at the Cetina, Krka, Rude and Graba River springs with 8 trips.

Based on the evaluations that the students completed after each trip, we are very pleased with the results. We can notice that the grade given by the students on Green Trips is in almost 90% excellent or very good.

Likewise, the activities we carry out with children are very interesting and enjoyable, and the exercises we carry out, as well as the knowledge and information we are giving them, encourage them to change their behavior towards being ecologically motivated, one of Green Trips’ goals.

In addition to the pupils, it is also important for what our teachers think that go with us on Green Trips.

And these ratings are in favor of making the Green Trips the most decisive at the recommendation of other teachers and school principals, even with the parent’s recommendation. Likewise, all the teachers agree that the excursion organization is excellent and that this trip contributes to guiding the behavior of children to environmentally responsible.

Discover the magic of Green Trips, learn something new and spend an educational day with us in nature!