Students want to contribute and the schools are getting involved – we officially started the VolonTERRA project at the kick-off meeting


Sunce and Permakultura Dalmacija held a kick-off meeting as part of the VolonTERRA Active Schools Drive Change! project. The meeting gathered representatives from educational institutions in Split-Dalmatia County in order to identify project partner schools and contribute to the development of civic and social competencies among youth in Croatia.

The project is an opportunity to implement interdisciplinary themes

Let us briefly remind ourselves of the objectives of this project. Croatia’s youth often lack the developed civic and social competencies necessary for active participation in society. Therefore, the VolonTERRA project aims to empower schools and provide them with the necessary tools, especially for their teachers, to independently promote active citizenship for the environment and sustainable development. Through years of collaboration with educational professionals, we have observed that they often lack sufficient time and resources to implement interdisciplinary themes.

Pedagogue Fadila Zoranić from Spinut Elementary School expressed support, emphasizing the opportunity for schools to formally establish volunteer clubs and unify actions related to interdisciplinary themes, especially sustainable development.

Considering the curriculum obligations for participating in the organization of interdisciplinary themes, projects like this are a good resource for fulfilling those obligations. Participation in the project is an opportunity for all schools to be educated in implementing interdisciplinary themes on sustainable development. highlighted Fadila Zoranić.

Interdisciplinary themes, as determined by the Croatian curriculum, play a crucial role in education. They contribute to the development of comprehensive competencies in students, transcending the boundaries of individual subjects. The interdisciplinary theme of Sustainable Development prepares students for appropriate action in society to achieve personal and general well-being through three dimensions of sustainability environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Students, teachers and parents cooperate

Sunce’s educator, Miranda, emphasized that the motivation for this project stems from the experience gained from previous Sunce projects on volunteering. Students who volunteered for Sunce projects expressed their satisfaction with the opportunity to contribute to the community.

It has been shown that everyone has something to contribute, and in the end, they gain a lot in return. Miranda emphasized.

On the other hand, Marin Kanajet from Permakultura Dalmacija emphasized that this project is an opportunity for not only students and teachers but also parents to actively engage.

We have a partner school!

The kick-off meeting laid the foundation for the successful implementation of the project. Partners are optimistic about achieving the project’s goals. Following the conclusion of the kick-off meeting, Sunce received applications and, after reviewing the documentation, selected the partner school – Brda Elementary School, in accordance with the project requirements.

In addition to representatives from Brda Elementary School, 20 representatives from educational institutions in Split-Dalmatia County can participate in the program. All the participants will enhance their knowledge, skills, and competence in leading volunteer clubs in the field of education for sustainable development and improving ecological responsibility in the school system.

If you also wish to participate in the educational modules this autumn, please contact us at [email protected].