Young people from all over the world come to Omiš to volunteer


Sunce joined the Sub-merus (Calypso DC) initiative From river to the sea – let’s be plastic free, which is financed by the Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed) micro-initiative. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the pollution of the Adriatic Sea with plastic waste from the Cetina River and three areas of the ecological network Natura 2000. Sunce, in cooperation with the leading partner, created an educational program for international volunteers, which was carried out as part of their volunteering.

Volunteering in Omiš is a real sensation among young people from different parts of the world. Each registered individual has the opportunity to act in the local diving centre as an aid in activities to reduce pollution of the sea and coast. The program offers an orientation meeting upon arrival, diving and collection of marine litter, education, and the implementation of the Protocol for monitoring marine litter through sorting and registering the composition and quantity. After the activities, the volunteers deposited the collected waste in the recycling yard.

An amazing trip for volunteers from Canada

Volunteers from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, and Great Britain reflected on their participation, so below is a brief overview of their impressions through the International Volunteer HQ platform.

– I met like-minded people, gained more experience in diving, and helped the environment! – said Brooke. Despite the fear she had before coming to Croatia, it took Brooke quite a while to feel at home. In addition to Brooke, young Charley, who is enthusiastic about the activities at the diving centre, also commented on his experience.

– This is one of the best experiences in my life! 10/10, I recommend it to everyone! – says Charley after finishing his volunteering. In addition to receiving a diving certificate, he acquired new knowledge and skills. For Brooke and Charley, everyone they met on this trip was very kind and welcoming.

Unforgettable experience

Elisa from Spain had an unforgettable experience, she met people from all over the world and at the same time learned a lot about Croatia.

BeMed workshops

– Because of the crew on the ship, the volunteers, and the locals, it felt like I was part of the family. – she added. Elisa recommends this program to everyone interested in protecting the sea and the coast, meeting new people, and making memories for a lifetime. In addition to expanding acquaintances, individuals also worked on themselves.

More specifically, volunteering brought Oliver self-confidence, personal growth, and development, as well as a sense of satisfaction regarding his contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Megan and Phoebe boasted about the best experience in their lives, while Scarlett expressed her desire to stay as long as possible. The volunteers agreed on the same thing, it’s hard to describe it in words, volunteering in Omiš can be both useful and fun. In conclusion, the previous volunteers found it worthwhile to come, so they say to all new volunteers: go ahead!