Green Phone 2023 Annual Work Report


In 2023, 141 calls out of a total of 202 reports received were successfully resolved. The reports that were not resolved in 2023 will continue to be addressed in 2024 by providing support to citizens and initiating communication, administrative procedures, and disputes before public authorities.

Most complaints were about wastewater flowing into the sea

The highest number of reports was related to the categories of water (44 reports) and waste (38), which is a change compared to previous years when the waste category dominated. In 2023, citizens had the most complaints about the discharge of untreated wastewater, pollution of seas and waters, illegal waste dumps, and inadequate waste management systems. Citizens reported unauthorized construction or filling, especially along the coast and at sea (32), and many inquiries were related to advice regarding public participation, spatial planning, and other interventions in the “miscellaneous” category (33).

The sea, beaches, and shores are 100% ours!

The beginning of 2023 was marked by the campaign “Sea, beaches, and shore are 100% ours!” aimed at amending the new Maritime Domain and Seaport Act to direct the text of the law toward the protection and preservation of marine and coastal areas rather than their further exploitation. Peaceful gatherings were organized across Croatia by environmental associations and NGOs to articulate the demands.  

Sunce has been receiving complaints from citizens through the Green Phone for many years precisely about inadequate coastal filling and beach nourishment, which would result in sea pollution.

Years of advocacy and organized gatherings to achieve better legal regulation of economic use, beach management, and construction on maritime property have resulted in a more quality text of the Maritime Domain and Seaports Act. This is an indication of the increasing ecological awareness among citizens and proof that environmental protection is most effectively achieved through active participation. We will closely monitor the implementation of the law on the ground.

Green Phone – Lend your voice to the environment!

Within the project Green Phone Lend Your Voice to the Environment! Sunce organized a roundtable discussion of the same name in collaboration with Split-Dalmatia County. This roundtable discussion brought together experts as well as representatives from various sectors. There was a profound discussion about the current state of the coast and sea, providing presentations on challenges and examples of good practices. Suggestions and proposals for improving the management and use of coastal areas were actively presented during the discussion.


Abandoned olive groves and private lands become illegal dumpsites

In the past year, several citizen initiatives have aimed at stopping massive illegal dumpsites that increasingly threaten the natural landscape and wildlife and pose a danger to the health and safety of residents in surrounding settlements. Abandoned olive groves and private lands often fall prey to construction companies and other perpetrators who avoid paying fees for proper waste disposal. Instead, they deposit it throughout the inland areas of Dalmatia and the islands.

This practice has become so common that waste hills are beginning to emerge on the Dalmatian karst, visible even from the sea. Piles of bulky, construction, and mixed waste are covered with embankments and then buried under a new layer of waste. No matter how much people try to oppose nature through their negligence, nature has its way of revealing the truth. Indeed, flocks of seagulls often reveal landfills on the coast, creating a vivid depiction of how nature reveals the consequences of human actions.

Air pollution in the area of Split Northern Port and the District of Brda

In addition to the above-mentioned, Sunce has been actively working on promoting systematic solutions to air pollution in the area of Split Northern Port and the District of Brda. For years, the issue of Split Northern Port and the Vranjic-Solin Basin area has been a burning topic due to the lack of timely and transparent reactions from the competent authorities, as well as inadequately equipped infrastructure and weak environmental protection measures by companies operating in the area. Sunce continues to work hard on finding solutions throughout the current year.

Who pays attention to the work of the Green Phone?

A law student from the Faculty of Law in Split (PFST), with an ambition to learn about environmental law, was involved in the work of the Green Phone through volunteer work and later employment. In addition, a public administration student was also involved in the work of the Green Phone through professional practice.

Throughout 2023, numerous internet portals followed the work of the Green Phone. Media visibility was particularly prominent during campaigns and public gatherings regarding the new Law on Maritime Property, during which we highlighted the types and quantities of reports received via the Green Phone concerning the marine environment. We made guest appearances and gave statements on television and radio programs. The Green Phone was featured in programs on Radio Sunce, Radio Dalmacija, Radio Kampus, Radio Rojs, Radio Korčula, Televizija Dalmacija, Nova TV, N1, TV Jadran, and on websites such as Slobodna Dalmacija, Dalmacija Danas, Eko vjesnik, Jutarnji list, Dalmacija News, Dalmatinski Portal,, and Pomorsko Dobro.

Sunce continued the collaboration with Radio Sunce, where at the beginning of the year, the Green Phone program was broadcast monthly, featuring various participants discussing the issues encountered through their work on the Green Phone.

In 2024, we will continue our dedicated work on your reports!

If you notice an environmental issue, you can report it to the already known number 072 123 456 or contact us via email: [email protected] Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-financed the project Green Phone Lend Your Voice to the Environment! in 2023 with a donation of up to 6,942.67 euros.