Digital nomads in Dalmatia – youth that changes the world!


Author: Iris Anastasia Tadić, student of the 2nd grade in High school “Braće Radić” (agrotourism technician)

Digital nomads are mostly young people who travel the world while working remotely using technology and the internet. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Today, I am introducing you to the world of digital nomads! Let’s talk about how digital nomads bring changes to our beautiful Dalmatia, why our coast attracts these modern-oriented travelers, and how they affect the local community.

In Dalmatia, popular destinations among digital nomads are Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar. Split is known for its rich history, beautiful Diocletian’s Palace, and lively atmosphere. Dubrovnik is known for its city walls, beautiful old town, and impressive view of the Adriatic Sea. Hvar is known for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and Mediterranean charm. All these cities offer various opportunities for work, exploration, and enjoying the local culture.

How are digital nomads changing tourism in Dalmatia?

Digital nomads have the potential to bring significant changes to tourism in Dalmatia. They come from other countries and bring their knowledge, skills, and perspectives along with them. Besides spending money on accommodation, food, and activities, they often use local services such as co-working spaces, cafes, and restaurants. This can stimulate the local economy and encourage the development of new business ideas. Also, digital nomads usually spend longer periods at one place, which is a great trend that can extend tourist season and create a more even distribution of tourist spending throughout the year. Those advantages, furthermore, significantly contribute to the development of a more sustainable tourism offer. However, we must not forget that it is mostly up to us, the locals, to take care of tourism and nature preservation because our land is a part of us, our identity, and our common heritage.

Young people for sustainable tourism in Dalmatia

Young people can contribute to the protection of nature and culture by connecting with digital nomads in Dalmatia. They can join forces and participate in environmental projects such as beach clean-ups and plant preservation. Also, they can support local craftsmen, artists, and cultural events to preserve the rich heritage of the region. Young people can raise awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism and educate others about ecological practices. In this way, they can create a balance between tourism and the protection of nature and culture in Dalmatia.


Digital nomads and young people – let’s connect and act together

I appreciate nature because I find peace and beauty in it. It is important that we all together protect our planet because only through joint efforts can we preserve the beauty of nature for our future generations. Motivated young people can become a real force for change! Digital nomads are our allies in preserving the beauty of Dalmatia.

So, my young friends, I want to send you an important message. You have the power to influence the world around you! Through your passion and creativity, you can change the way we care for nature and culture. Get involved in activities such as an environmental clean-ups, the support of local artists, and the promotion of sustainable tourism. Your voice is important, and together we can create positive changes. Let’s be an inspiration to each other, and then we can preserve our beautiful nature and rich culture! I invite you to share this story, consciously choose natural beauties, and support Sunce by becoming a member or a volunteer. 💚🌍