The “Healthy Diet” project completed

The “Healthy Diet” project implemented by the Sunce Split Association in cooperation with the University of Split (InterCap) has been successfully completed!

Students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, Mirela Pavić and Nikolina Jakšić, under the mentorship of Sun educators, designed and implemented the project through several activities. At the beginning of the project, a lecture was organized for all project partners (professors, teachers, representatives of the city administration and students) on the topic “Nutrition at school age” where nutritionist Iva Tokić introduced us to the basics of proper nutrition and gave useful practical advices for simple changes and delicious recipes.


The students, Mirela and Nikolina, applied all their new knowledge about healthy eating in one class of the elementary school “Kman-Kocunar”. For a week, they collected snack waste in the classroom to analyze what it is that children eat most often at school – and how much waste is generated. They then organized a workshop for children where they tried to change their eating habits through interactive methods and play. They also motivated parents with multiple silicone bags and brochures.

That they succeeded in their plan was shown by the fact that a few weeks later, when re-collecting waste in the classroom, children’s food contained much less packaging of the “unhealthy” foods and all children proudly showed healthy snacks which they bring from home, in their silicone bags!