Young people write projects under the mentorship of the Executive Director of Sunce


As part of the project Active Youth for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Community Development, during the 30 hours spent at the workshops, the participants acquired the knowledge necessary for the development of the project blueprint. The youth perfected the cycle of the project proposal and its development under the guidance of Gabrijela Medunić Orlić – executive director of Sunce. Gabrijela has been successfully implementing projects for many years and has been involved in the development and implementation of numerous educational activities of Sunce for more than 15 years. 

Participants learned the principles and characteristics of a project proposal, as well as the structure it must follow. With regard to the workshops, young people were given the opportunity to come up with an idea that they believe is necessary for the implementation and raising awareness of the local community about the environmental problems we face.

Firstly, the needs for making proposals were examined, namely: capabilities – how capable we are to write a project, time – whether we have enough time to write a quality project, and resources – whether we have all the necessary equipment and financial resources for the implementation.

To analyze the capacity of the organization, SWOT analysis was used – the most common tool used to show the feasibility of the project, referring to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that can affect the implementation.

Given that the workshop implied the active involvement of participants, the group was split into three groups who were to submit their ideas on three different platforms.

The first group will have a try at applying for a project proposal for a competition worth 10,000 € on the Platform Solidarna – IMPACT4VALUES, and the idea is related to advocacy, environmental laws, and human rights protection at the EU level.

The second group will publish its project proposal on the European Solidarity Corps platform with the involvement of at least five young people in the project worth up to 630 € per month, depending on the duration of the project, and up to a maximum of 12 months. The idea follows the initiatives needed for positive change in the local community with the involvement of volunteers.

The third group will submit its ideas and project proposals to Sunce’s competition. The project deals with educating and informing the public in the city of Split about environmental protection within the framework of marking environmental dates, worth 2,000 €.

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