Waste is not garbage: a public forum was held on the reuse of objects

The reuse of objects a hundred or more years ago was a daily ritual of our ancestors, but new social norms that dictate throwing away clothes and other things (even though they could still be used) have led to the fact that shoemakers today, just like televisions repairmen – are to be searched for all over the city – said Marijan Galović, the founder of the Institute for Rural Development and Technology, in his lecture at the public forum “Reuse of objects”, held on Tuesday, November 26 at the Info Zone Club. The panel was held as part of the Waste is not garbage project, sponsored by the City of Split, and organized by the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce.

In his presentation, Marijan Galović referred to the legal framework of the Republic of Croatia, so he stated that anyone who is interested in the process of re-use, such as the alteration of clothes, would need all those permits that are required, for example, for the Karepovac landfill. He also presented models of centers for reuse in some European countries and pointed out that such centers in England have about a hundred thousand employees, mostly from socially excluded groups, and generally bring a positive effect on the local community. He also cited the example of an Italian non-profit organization that manages 13 recycling yards with used goods and has a hundred employees.

Declaratively, we encourage the development of centers for reuse, but in practice it is quite the opposite. The only Center for reuse in Croatia is the one in Prelog, while a similar model has been opened in Rijeka, and it deals with the repair of technical goods – Galović concluded, citing as positive examples the Reto Center in Split and Zagreb and the social cooperative Humana Nova. According to him, although there are considerable funds in EU funds for environmental protection projects, very few of them have been withdrawn due to bureaucratic obstacles.

Andrea Bujas and Aleš Župan from the Reto Center Split presented their work and talked about furniture restoration and removal of worn-out items and technical equipment, as well as the second-hand clothing store that was opened as part of the Reto Center in Kaštel Kambelovac. With a little imagination, will and effort, every worn-out item whose parts can be reused deserves a new life – concluded the representatives of Reto Center Split.