UniCompoST composting handbook

Students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split, Zvonimir Jukić and Ante Čović-Stanić, who designed and realized Unicompost project as a part of the PAZI! Project (Practically-Active-Together-Interdisciplinary – programs of socially useful learning for the environment and sustainable development), last week presented their automatically guided reactor composter.

Zvonimir and Ante participated in the PAZI! project last year in December and got the opportunity to inform end educate themselves about the issue of biowaste. For the project that they needed to design and implement, they chose an automatically guided reactor composter. In addition to the two of them, 18 other students helped implement the project in various activities (education, marketing,…) and some of them will stay involved after PAZI project is finished.

The Sunce Split Association presents a handbook about composting, which, as Ante Čović-Stanić said, appeared during the work process on the project. It provides answers to questions such as why to compost, and process parameters and all stages of composting, as well as examples of good practice.

You can download the entire handbook in Croatian here: UniCompoST composting handbook.