Together and active

We started with the activities of the project Together and active – responsible creating and waste management.

With the aim of raising public awareness and knowledge of the importance of the contribution of the institutions, but also individuals on the sustainable waste management, we carry out activities with the teachers and students of elementary and secondary schools. With education on composting biotope as the most environmentally acceptable method of dealing with this type of waste, the plan is to build school composters.

Some of the activities that will be implemented in a Youth Seminar entitled Active Participation of Youth in Nature and Environment Protection and Sustainable Development, then the Composting Education Program for Gripe and Kamen-Šine Primary Schools and High Schools: The Natural Science and Technical School of Split and the School of Design, graphics and sustainable construction.

The separate waste collection education program will be held in the Marjan school and in the high School for design, graphics and sustainable construction. Each training program consists of 6 workshops for two months in groups of 15 students.

Raising the level of awareness and motivation of sustainable waste management is approaching the introduction of curriculum education programs, composting in schools and thinking and creating a sustainable world.