The Squiz – Sunce held first ecological pub-quiz


On Sunday, December 10th, the first ecological pub quiz  – Squiz was held by Sunce in café bar Modesty. The premiere of the quiz took place in good company and a great atmosphere, which was contributed by as many as 14 competing teams.

– The aim of the quiz was, in addition to entertainment, to educate citizens and Sunce’s members and encourage their desire for greater engagement in the environmental challenges. I think we can say that both goals were fulfilled because the participants had fun and learned various interesting and shocking facts, and also found that they know more than we think. We are especially pleased with the fact that the young people we found in the café decided to participate in the quiz just before the beginning. – said Marija Majić, Sunce’s educator and organizer of Squiz.

The first prize is dedicated to saving sharks

– I found it very interesting and I’m glad that a quiz on this topic was launched in Split. I am especially pleased that my team won the first prize, which is pizzas and drinks at Pizzeria Maslina. I will be signing up for the next quiz as well! I hope as many people as possible get involved and that pizzas will save sharks because we’ve learned that people kill about a million sharks a year. – commented Valentina Batalić, a member of Sunce.

The second and third teams won a bottle or a round of drinks, and members of the randomly selected team (lucky losers) could choose one book from the collection that was collected during the Swap Fairs held every month in the Klub Zona, organized by Sunce.

When will the next quiz be and how to participate?

– We plan our next quiz early next year. It depends on our group of volunteers who designed questions for this quiz, with our mentoring, and hosted the event. I want to thank them again! – emphasizes Majić.

– It was great to be surrounded by a team that is eager for knowledge and laughter. I’ve enjoyed the game show, and yes, I can’t wait for it again! – said Vanessa Begura, host of Squiz.


Team registration for up to four players is required online, with a symbolic registration fee of one euro per person, serving as a donation towards the implementation of Sunce’s future activities. To learn more about donating to Sunce and Sunce’s membership, visit our website. We anticipate the upcoming Squiz to be a fantastic opportunity for both enjoyment and learning. We encourage all interested individuals to stay tuned for our announcements and to apply on time.