The sharing revolution – how sharing can change our daily lives and the world


Are there still people unfamiliar with the problem of waste? The smells from Karepovec remind us of it when we want to take a break from the eternal reflection on modern man’s environmental issues. At least, that is the feeling that we, the “green” ones, sense. Feeling powerless, we almost religiously look at the triangles on the packaging, sort waste into at least five different categories, and often more, and bite our nails to avoid falling for the consumerist mania of various sales and cheap retailers.

Sharing – a universal human value

However, we often forget that being environmentally responsible is not that difficult. Take sharing, for example, which is an almost universal human value. Since prehistoric times, people have shared resources to survive. It was essential for food gathering, shelter-building, and protection from danger. In the era of hunters and gatherers, communal hunting and sharing of prey allowed for an even distribution of resources. With the development of agriculture, communities developed systems of sharing land, crops, and labor. Thus, sharing led to the creation of the first forms of organized society.

However, the good old saying sharing is caring has never been as important as it is today. Sharing is a key element of sustainable economic practice and lifestyle that can significantly reduce negative environmental impacts. It reduces resource consumption, waste generation, carbon dioxide emissions, and production. Above all, the practice of sharing fosters a sense of community and solidarity among people. By sharing resources, individuals build mutual bonds and strengthen social cohesion.

And most importantly, sharing is easy and already familiar to everyone. Even as children, we were reminded of the importance of sharing, and many of us shared (or inherited) toys and even clothes with siblings or children of family friends. However, with the development of communication technologies, in addition to sharing with family and friends, we can now share more widely.

How to share with strangers?

Swap fair is an opportunity to share through socializing

There are various opportunities to share in our local community. As the first one, we proudly mention the Swap Fair, a monthly event by Sunce that encourages citizens to share. Swap Fair is organized every first Tuesday of the month in the Klub Zona on Šperun in the form of organized sharing among a large number of people. People bring well-preserved items they no longer need and exchange them for coupons at the entrance. With these coupons, they can pick up items from other citizens for free and thus give them a new chance “for life”. Therefore, items circulate in the community and remain in use much longer. Put simply, Swap Fair is a free flea market where you can find almost anything.

Sajam razmjene-klub-zona

Poklanjam Vam – a new opportunity to share with strangers without leaving your home

But in addition to live sharing, there are various opportunities to swap online, such as social media groups or individual ads on buying and selling websites. However, recently, there is also a new website specialized only for sharing – Poklanjam Vam. Users of this website can post ads for items they want to give away or find free items they’re looking for. Whether it is clothes, electronics, books, or toys, Poklanjam Vam allows you to share your surplus with others without any monetary compensation. The slogan sharing is caring reflects the spirit of this platform, where caring for others is expressed through the free exchange of goods. This site has become a hit among those who value selflessness and community.

GiveNGet – A new dimension of exchange and sharing

In addition to these already well-known sharing opportunities, there is also a new platform that brings another dimension of exchange and sharing. GiveNGet is an innovation that directly connects people with matching offers, facilitating fast and efficient exchanges. Whether you’re looking for specific resources or want to donate something you no longer need, GiveNGet allows you to quickly and easily connect with others and find what you need, while helping others use resources you no longer need.

Sharing is an act of kindness and doesn’t cost anything

You don’t have to spend money to get something you need; you can simply exchange your surplus for something you need more.

Try sharing this month – separate items you don’t need and give them to others! Instead of buying new, look for things you need at the Swap Fair, Poklanjam Vam or GiveNGet. By sharing our resources and kindness with others, we create a society based on solidarity and care for our fellows while preserving nature and the environment.