The last ecomural was painted as a personal project of foreign volunteers in Sunce


This time in the Commercial School, the sixth mural is painted on an area of 2.5 m², showing the threat to the marine environment and its pollution. This school is located in the beautiful coastal area of Split, which further emphasizes the importance of protecting the sea in their local community. This is probably the reason for choosing this mural theme.

The ecomural was painted in the atrium of the school, where it will remain a permanent reminder to all students about the importance of protecting the sea, marine plants and animals. This reminder will help them develop environmental awareness and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices in the future.

Four students participated in the painting: Magdalena, Nera, Ivana and Anamaria. Before painting, the students attended workshops on three different topics – protected areas in Croatia, water circulation in nature and marine pollution, which they chose as the theme for the final appearance of the mural in their school. For this mural to truly reflect their vision and desire, the final sketch of the mural was modeled after the joint sketches made by the students. A Sunce volunteer, Olena, created and shaped a digital version of the drawing with her graphic design skills. In addition to Olena, volunteer Lina and two foreign volunteers, Yuliia and Aleksandra, helped hold the workshops and paint the mural itself. The painting lasted five hours and was monitored under the watchful eye of professor Anica Podrug.

Ecological paints for the wall of the brand JUB Hrvatska were made possible by Večernji list through their award-winning project Rezolucija Zemlja. It was crucial to us that the color is washable and that it is not harmful to handling and the environment, which is in line with the goal of this project – to emphasize the importance of protecting nature and the environment.

Through workshops and painting murals in schools and other public spaces, we wanted to enable young people to explore topics such as marine protection, waste, biodiversity and sustainability. Their artistic creations become a voice for nature and the environment and remind everyone that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve our planet. – said volunteer Lina Vuletić.

The European Union financed the Sunce project called Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2022 through the European Solidarity Corps program. Young people can follow the announcements of Sunce and the Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2022 project through social networks, a website, or a newsletter. Thus, they will be informed about volunteering opportunities, workshops and other activities in which they can get involved. Sunce regularly organizes volunteer campaigns and events aimed at environmental protection. Young people can join these actions to help with beach cleanups, swap fairs, community education on sustainability, and other activities that promote environmental protection.

This project is another step towards raising awareness about environmental protection among students from different schools in Split. We remind you that we have already outlined five murals in Split schools Visoka, Split 3, Skalice, Blatine-Škrape and the School of Economics and Administration.

Enjoy the picture gallery, and find out how you can paint a mural yourself in the article written by our Yuliia based on her experience at Skalice Primary School.