The Green Phone 2023 semi-annual report


Our dear readers,
half of 2023, in which we diligently worked on your applications sent through the Green Phone service, is behind us. We remind you that the Green Phone service is a free tool intended for citizens who need help in solving problems related to environmental protection. Likewise, the Green Phone service includes consulting and providing information to citizens regarding environmental problems in their local areas.

The semi-annual report for 2023 shows that in these six months we received 124 applications, of which 72 were resolved, while the rest are being worked on continuously. Sunce’s legal team approaches every application equally, takes the necessary steps and uses legal remedies depending on the problem.

As many as 45 applications were received from Split, and 79 applications came from outside Split. Residents outside of Split are increasingly aware of the Green Phone service, which Sunce’s legal team welcomes.

The largest number of applications – waste

In the first half of 2023, Sunce started an online campaign on the topic of waste management – the most represented category of applications on Sunce’s Green Phone.


Given that waste, as well as its disposal, is a global problem, we continue to insist zealously on solutions that will lead to a better waste management system and fewer illegal landfills. More on the Sunce’s pages:
Progress in waste management exists, but it is uneven and insufficient!
Waste – responsibility of every citizen for the healthy future of the city.

Illegal construction has a larger number of reports

The number of reports of illegal construction increased during April and May, there were a total of 10. Also, 10 reports were related to water pollution in June. The mentioned applications are often interconnected.

Illegal construction as the arbitrary destruction, most often of maritime property, is one of the pressing problems that Sunce is dealing with and trying to put an end to.

The new Law on Maritime Property and Sea Ports finally regulates dredging

After years of highlighting the problem of filling and inadequate replenishment of beaches, which we were made aware of precisely with the help of continuous reports from citizens to the Green Phone, with joint efforts we have achieved that the new Law on Maritime Property and Sea Ports finally regulates this issue. It remains to be seen whether the situation in practice will in fact change in the forthcoming reports of the Green Phone.


The Green Phone service, as the first line of defense, apart from combating problems independently, educates citizens and provides legal advice. You can read about the impact of coastal filling and replenishment of beaches on seabed communities in the expert review by Dr. sc. Silvije Kipson, which is available on Sunce’s website.

Sunce’s legal team continues to work with equal intensity. To the joint forces for our planet, until the next time,

Sunce’s legal team

In 2023, the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency co-financed the project “Green Phone – Lend your voice to the environment!” with donation funds in the amount of up to 6,942.67 euros.