Swap fair for Kindergarten Radost, Split: Bring it – take it away

swap fair

After a series of successfully held exchange fairs, we also organized an exchange fair for children of kindergarten age in DV Radost.

Bring it – take it away (Donesi – odnesi) fair

The Bring it – take it away swap fair took place on June 6, 2023, in branch facility Iskrica, and with our help it was organized by the teachers of Kindergarten Radost. The idea was for the children to exchange their old goods for new ones. That’s why you could find a variety of items, from stuffed animals, toys, picture books, books, to summer props for the beach.

The children were delighted with the possibility of exchanging their old toys for new ones and especially with their peers.

We were particularly pleased by the great turnout and interest of parents and their children. The children enjoyed the new toys, and the parents recognized the importance of such events for children’s development.

In this way, we once again highlighted the importance of exchanging things to reduce the unnecessary accumulation and discarding of used but preserved items. In addition to promoting environmental awareness, we also encouraged solidarity among children, teaching them the value of sharing and mutual care.

swap fair

Service for Kindergarten Radost

This fair is part of Sunce’s service Responsible Waste Management for teachers of the Kindergarten Radost.

In addition to the swap fair, as part of the service, Sunce conducted ten workshops for teachers and five workshops for children. The goal of the program is to educate educators about proper waste management and provide them with tools and ideas so that they can convey this important topic to children.

kindergarten teachers

On the basis of this, and other educational programs, from June 2023 Sunce is the holder of the SKOCKANO quality label, which makes us extremely happy and confirms the value of our work.

We are honored that we could be a part of this story, and we hope that we will get the opportunity to implement this kind of service, which promotes togetherness, solidarity, and care for the environment, in other institutions as well.