Sunce held volunteer training for oil spill cleanup

The beautiful sunny weekend on November 9 and 10 was reserved for volunteer work for the enthusiastic group of people who were willing to learn what to do in the event of a sudden pollution of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea.
The two-day training was held in the framework of the project “Preparing for cleaning the Oil Polluted Coastal Zone and Interventions on Oil Polluted Animal World” (POSOW) funded by the European Union and coordinated by the Regional Emergency Response Center in the Mediterranean (REMPEC).
With regard to the specific theme covered by this close relationship with nature and environment protection, Sunce joined the project in May 2013 by sending to Brest (France) a volunteer ( a former trainee of the Sun) Mariju Nazlic for training volunteer trainers in case of oil spill.
Training in Croatia was held in the Split Divisional Center for Specialized Training in Divulje, coordinated by the Countries Protection and Rescue Administration (DZUS), in cooperation with Association Sunce. The 30 volunteers have passed the program (mostly students of Biology and Ecology of the Sea, Sunce volunteers and 5 firefighters of Kaštela DVD) under the guidance of 6 lecturers of DZUS, Sunce, REMPEC, Queen’s University from Belfast and the Intermediate Marine Team from Rome.

The two-day topics covered were: Volunteer Management, Organization and Operation of the Command Center, Cleaning Techniques for Oil Polluted Shores, and Rescue of Oil Polluted Fauna.

The goal of the training was to create a base for volunteers in Croatia to respond to the sudden pollution of the sea. After completing the training, all volunteers received a certificate of attendance and a volunteer base was created on the official site of the POSOW project, which can always be accessed and invites volunteers in case of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea (… hopefully, this will not be necessary .. .).