Sunce celebrates 15 years of successful work

In the pleasant company of our members , volunteers , partners and friends, on 12.12.2012. we have celebrated 15 years of Sunce’s successful work.
In 15 years Sunce went from a completely voluntary associations to organization with eight employees, national and international experience in projects of environmental and nature protection, a network of members, volunteers and staff  and established reputation in the sector .
Usually in such situations it is said that organization had its ups and downs, hard and beautiful moments, the tragic and the comic moments (and tragicomic ). Is it because bad things quickly evaporate from memory or our incurable optimism, wouldn’t know, but it seems to us that we had just beautiful and comic ups with no downs.
It is said that the evolution of experts in nature protection goes optimistic – pessimistic – alcoholic. Judging by the those standards we’re still in the first group, our enthusiasm is still high and we intend to continue to pursue the improvement of standards of environmental protection and nature conservation (with that necessary and indispensable essential dose of masochism that is required for the same.

The greatest achievement of the Association Sunce:
• Directly contributed to establishment of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park for which we got the award from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF ).
• Influenced the development of quality standards for protected areas management plans and coordinated production of the first management plans for Brijuni National Park, Telašćica Nature Park and Lastovo Islands Nature Park.
• Participated in the establishment of the system for mapping and monitoring of marine species and habitats in the Adriatic.
• Significantly contributed to the democratization and development of cross-sectoral collaboration in natural resource management.
• We have developed the first system for collection of waste paper in business and private premises in Split, which then expanded all over Croatia.
• Solved over 2,000 environmental problems reported by citizens via the Green Phone.
• Involved over 7,000 children in our educational activities.
• We conducted more than 100 projects in nature conservation and environmental protection, with more than a half financed from international sources.