The Association Sunce at the Marjan Gate on Thursday


We are starting the European Mobility Week by setting up a stand of the Association Sunce at Marjan Gate on 16 September from 5 pm to 7 pm, where Sofia and Ivana, our volunteers of the European Solidarity Force, will distribute fruit to all cyclists present, prepare leftover fruit on site for composting in containers for biowaste and thus educate all interested parties on this topic, with a brochure on the use of compost (humus) and various methods of composting.

All interested citizens will also be able to get acquainted with the work of the Association Sunce, become a member, donate and thus contribute to the work of the association. Each of your donations is a direct support to the protection of nature and the environment as well as a contribution to sustainable development.

The stand of the Association Sunce will be joined by the Bicycle Repair Shop organized by the Permakultura Dalmacija Association, where citizens will be able to repair their bicycles free of charge with the help of volunteers.

Join us at the 10th Split Bike Tour, stay safe and healthy with sustainable mobility!