Public participation in Government – Can we do better?

One of the goals of every responsible authority should be making decision-making in the interest of citizens. When we put this principle in the context of environmental protection, the responsibility is even greater because the decisions that have been made today will have a bearing on the state of the environment and the quality of life for future generations, perhaps in today’s immeasurable ways.

Are you wondering how to make a viable decision? It’s not that hard, the decision-making side should only be a willing and understanding. Only the decisions that a citizen can understand and accept are easy to implement!

Therefore, all of you who make decisions at any level – Involve citizens in the decision-making process!

As part of the project “Together for Nature and the Environment“, the Association Sunce held a seminar entitled “Public Participation: Can We Do Better? Environmental Law and Strengthening Skills and Knowledge for Nonviolent Communication from April 7th till April 8th 2014 at the Park Hotel in Split with the goal to bring the public’s attention to this important topic, while at the same time educating representatives of local governments and environmental NGOs about the importance of involving the public in the decision-making processes.

During the first seminar day, participants had the opportunity to listen to the lectures of Patricia Granić, dipl.iur and Ivan Grubišić, mag.iur, while the second day under the leadership of Ivo Zenzerović from the Center for Peace Studies was devoted to strengthening the knowledge and skills of nonviolent communication with emphasis on basic techniques of nonviolent communication.

As part of an interesting lecture in which seminar participants could get informed about the development and importance of public administration as well as on the development and importance of civil society as counterbalanced in the responsible functioning of a modern society, knowledge and useful information about the ways in which citizens could participate could be gained, with special emphasis on participation opportunities in environmental issues. Seminar participants who conducted a lively and constructive discussion, posed questions, opened a multitude of topics and  sought answers, have graetly contributated to the overall success of the Event.

This is the first of two planned seminars, so we are inviting you to another seminar that will take place on April 28th-29th, 2014 at the hotel Mihovil in Knin.

Therefore, all of you who are dealing with decisions – Do not miss the opportunity to join the decision-making process!

And definitely – join us at the seminar in Knin.