New Sunce service portal shows exceptional results in first mont of work

The service for the environmental and utility problems of the city of Split began on October 15, 2014. In the month since the interactive map was put into operation, citizens reported 128 applications or suggestions of environmental and communal problems in Split.

A number of 128 application represents problems with enough information to handle it, others have not been received due to lack of accurate location, too general problem description or inappropriate content, so the total number of entries exceeds 200.

Two categories of applications dislodge from all others, that is, waste with a total of 39 calls and traffic with 35. In the other half of categories, there were 5 calls about noise, two in the category of the forestry, and the soil category had the smallest number of applications – only one.

The Sunce Association team has processed 63 applications out of which 12 have already been resolved, while others remain in the process with the relevant institutions, which is an excellent average if you consider that there could be up to 30 entries per day!

We are continuing with our work, and it is up to you to report it when you see one in Split or suggest an excellent solution for our city!

Every month we will inform you about the work of, and you can follow our work on the Sunce website, or through our Facebook page.

Servis was created within the project “Together for Nature and the Environment” as one of the innovative models of public participation in solving the environmental problems of the city of Split. The project is co-financed by the EU from the European Social Fund and the Government Office for Associations, while some of the project activities are co-financed by the MAVA Funds and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.