Internal workshops with Public institution emloyees

For the purpose of drafting the Split-Dalmatia County Protected Areas Management Plan within the project “Nature of Dalmatia“, the Sunce Association organized workshops with relevant stakeholders and the interested public in the past period and organized internal workshops with employees of the Public Institution which manages these areas. Due to its natural, cultural and historical values, the Split – Dalmatia County is one of the richest counties in the Republic of Croatia, as evidenced by the number of 42 protected areas classified into 4 categories of protection and 93 land and sea areas of the ecological network.

Internal workshops serve to develop all elements of the Management Plan based on information obtained at stakeholder workshops. The inclusion of the Public institution staff will make the Plan realistic, reflect the needs of all services and improve internal communication with staff.

Up to now, a total of 4 internal workshops have been organized, the last being organized on 22.05.2015. and it has been accomplished in the development of the objectives and activities of the Management Plan. The main topics of the next workshops will be indicators, monitoring implementation and financial part of the Plan.