How to save water and reduce your bills


To “live green” and in keeping with sustainable development, we need to pay attention to how much water we spend. Although Croatia is one of the richest countries, this does not mean that water should be spent irrationally. In the final line, all the water we spend – we pay. We are witnessing every day that, globally, potable water reserves are getting smaller and that many sources that have been so generous before, are no longer suitable for use today.

There are a number of ways we can reduce water consumption without affecting our existing habits and saving up to 50% of water consumption.

One of the simplest ways to save home water is to incorporate limiters. The limiters are small taps that are simply put into the tap and disperse water by mixing the water jet with a large amount of air. This way we get a pleasant water jet that does not lose its effectiveness and reduces water consumption, in some cases, up to 60%. The price of the limiter varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in any case, it pays off this smart investment fast.

Limiters will not only reduce water consumption but will also reduce your energy bill for water-borne energy by simply reducing the tap water consumption, as well as, hot water consumption. Useful thing, isn’t it?

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