False Green Party stole the name of the Green Forum, a network of NGOs

The Green Forum, a network of 44 non-governmental environmental NGOs from across Croatia, points to the emergence of a new fake green party, established only 38 days before the parliamentary elections, which immediately formed a coalition agreement with Radimir Čačić and Ivo Josipović. The Green Party does not have a website, its representatives do not publicly speak or advocate a specific policy and the party has not even announced its “green” or any other program. To make the situation even worse, this party was called the Green Forum, ie it has stolen the name from the largest network of environmental associations in Croatia, which has been continuously engaged in environmental protection for 17 years.

According to the Register of Political Parties, the political party Green Forum was founded in Sisak and its president is Mira Harcet, former party colleague Radimir Čačić and served as a member of HNS as a member of the Sisak-Moslavina county nominee, Marina Lovrić Merzel. We believe that the establishment of this party is a simple attempt to manipulate the mood of the voters before the election for the Croatian Parliament. The name of this party is trying to create the impression that it is a coalition that cares about the environment, although Radimir Čačić has so far shown that his environmental protection is just an annoyance in the realization of his projects.

We urge the citizens not to fall on such attempts of manipulation and not to give their voice to fake greens in elections.