EVS volunteer from Slovenia!

Some young people come to Split for sun and sea and some for and to Sunce Association. Not for a week or two but for the whole year. So the Association has become richer for a new member this summer – EVS volunteer Nastja Logar from Slovenia. Nastja has arrived thanks to Erasmus +, KA1 and will volunteer in our project Go Green Dalmatia.

Nastja, why the Sunce and why Split?

N: Because I always wanted to get acquainted with the work in an association, especially in projects focused on sustainable tourism. Because of all the activities related to protected areas, the Sunce is an ideal organization for me. Mediterranean life in Split is just another added value.

Why volunteering in the association?

N: By profession I am an economist and I just finished my graduate study of tourism management. I have no traditional economic mentality where profit is placed first. I like the ideas of sustainable development in which each side has long-term benefits. It seems to me that with their economic knowledge and ideas I can contribute to the Association, which is mostly made by biologists, ecologists etc. I hope I will 🙂

How is your volunteering conceived?

N: I will assist in the organization of SEA Med activities, marketing activities of Eco Partner, and for my project I will write a marketing plan for the Nature Park of Lastovo, which will also be my graduate work. In Lastovo I fell in love last summer and I believe that all the activities of sustainable nature that the Nature Park is carrying out in cooperation with the Sunce Association, with a good marketing plan, can only strengthen this Adriatic pearl.

What do you hope and look forward to in the next year?

N: New knowledge, experience, friendship … Getting to know Dalmatian nature, food, life as well as a good team spirit in the Sunce Association 🙂

The Sunce Association team will be delighted to make Nastja meet her expectations and become richer for a wonderful experience!