Environmentally responsible tourism with LED bulbs

The tourist season is behind us, but the preparation for the next one begins now. Especially for small tourist facilities and rural economies that want to apply the ecological dimension to sustainability and environmental conservation, which contributes to the social and economic well-being of local communities.

Therefore, the Association Sunce from Split and Green Istria from Pula has designed EkoPartner, a program of environmentally responsible management of small tourist facilities in Croatia that wants to encourage the introduction of ecological practice in facilities.

After the public lectures on water conservation held this spring and the subsidies for potters for newcomers, last week on Lastovo and Dugi otok, our renters learned how to save electricity. The participants also learned from Mark2 that the LED bulb lasts about 5 times longer than a saving light bulb and about 50 times longer than a normal light bulb. That is, if the LED bulb is used 6 hours a day, it can take up to 23 years!

Up to now, 20 landlords have become members of the Ecopartner and, by doing so, they will improve their offer in their apartments, reduce their operating costs and at the same time contribute to the protection of the environment and nature by building the image of an environmentally responsible tourist facility.

On this occasion we invite all interested renters to join EkoPartner and become our environmental partners. More about EkoPartner you can read here or contact us at [email protected]