Education was held on Internet marketing methods for eco-owners and entrepreneurs

The Sunce Association has organized a series of educational workshops on innovative internet marketing methods, in cooperation with Adprofis, an Internet marketing agency and volunteers of the European volunteer service, as part of the “Greening” Dalmatian tourist offer.

The annual growth rate of demand for tourism and products based on nature is between 10% and 30%. With this education, we want to help environmentally-informed landlords and entrepreneurs improve their Internet marketing knowledge and become more visible to guests and customers seeking a green living and natural products.

On Tuesday, 28.11.2017, education was held with the title “Internet to eco guests” for environmentally conscious renters, where the most effective methods of advertising the “green” accommodation facility were presented. The workshop discussed how to choose the right tourist Internet portal for advertising environmentally responsible facilities and presented examples of eco advertising success as well as ways to the best position through tourist Internet agencies.

Education ”Internet to eco guests” was held on Wednesday, 29 November. Eco-entrepreneurs such as OPGs, LAGs, natural cosmetics makers and sustainable service providers found out how to better position a website in search results as search engines, how to communicate with customers via e-mail, implement a Google AdWords campaign, manage Facebook, and improve mobile advertising.