Earth hour

The Global Action of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called Hour for Planet Earth, where the citizens and institutions are call to turn off lighting in private and public spaces to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment, favors criminal activities.

This is a conclusion of a public forum called “The Dark Ages” organized by a Police Departament of Split-Dalmatia County. A retired police lieutenant, Mr. Šime Žarulja, in his presentation, states the following: “By analyzing the criminal activities directed at the property of the city and the citizens, and in particular the public morality, we have found that WWF’s Action Hour for Planet Earth, when lights are being turned off, contributes to increased activities of burglars (an increase of 120%) as well as an increased occurrence of urination on public surfaces (an increase of 1453%).”

From the WWF, they are aware of this and point out that their call to citizens to unite together in the dark is intended solely as an invitation to preserve the environment. They add that they can not be held responsible for such a side effects. “We spread the message, and it is clear that the citizens understand this message, and would point out that this practice is good for Croatia at a number of levels, not only in relation to environmental protection, for example, the Croatian People’s Movement has found that extinguishing lighting during this event contributes significantly to the increase natality, “a Mrs. told us.

In order to bring the whole case up to a political level, members of the Croatian Clean Party of “nothing to hide” 1991, who totally condemn this manifestation, provided the following: “We have lived in the dark for 45 years and now we want to return the various green devils there today, the events will in two weeks and will not be long before we all find the tunnel back in the dark for 365 days a year – we will not allow it.”

The Split-Dalmatia Police Departament announced the filing of indictments against responsible WWF people who will be charged under command responsibility.

Reporter of the Black Sun, Mosor Prvan