Diving weekend for Sunce members: underwater adventures on the island of Brač


In Milna on the island of Brač, on June 3 and 4, 2023, we organized the second annual diving weekend for Sunce members. Just like last year, we were delighted by the enthusiasm of members who responded, a good atmosphere, conversations about diving, Sunce, and the preservation of the Adriatic.

Underwater exploration and members’ socializing

Thanks to the cooperation with diving center Draulik Milna and experienced instructor Petroni Tasić, the participants explored the undersea of the southern side of the islands of Brač and Šolta. Divers were able to admire the marine life and beautiful rock formations provided by these unique dive sites.


The weekend was not only an opportunity for diving but also for socializing of association members. The participants exchanged experiences, shared stories from previous dives, and learned about the planned activities of Sunce. During unique moments of relaxation, members actively participated in discussions about projects and activities that the Association will carry out till the end of the year.

– I have been participating on diving field work with Sunce for years and there is always a lot of intensive diving and work. So it’s a real refreshment to come and hang out with the same team and enjoy diving without the measuring equipment that we usually carry. And by participating, we get an insight into other aspects of the Association’s work. – said Denis Grubišić, a member of Sunce.

Engagement in the work of Sunce

With all of the above, the diving weekend allowed members to get additional information about the work of Sunce. Sunce employees presented their annual work report, which stimulated a lively discussion among the members. They were interested in taking part in the discussion, made suggestions, and exchanged opinions on how to further improve work of Sunce and increase awareness of the preservation of marine life.

If you share our love for diving and are interested in preserving the Adriatic Sea, join us and become a member of Sunce. Members-divers participate in our underwater activities to contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem and enjoy the underwater beauty that the sea has to offer us.

Preparation of a new diving weekend

We look forward to these kinds of gatherings with our members and are already preparing our next diving weekend so that even more members will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful underwater world with us.

We would like to thank our members who participated and enriched this year’s diving weekend with their presence. We hope to see you in even greater number next year.

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