Development of Volunteer Programs in the Parks of Nature in Croatia

The Service for the Design and Establishment of Volunteering Programs in Protected Areas of Nature in the Republic of Croatia, obtained by the Sunce Association for the implementation of the tender announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature, was carried out in the period from March 31, 2014 to February 22, 2016. In this service 19 public institutions of Croatian national parks and nature parks were directly involved, as well as indirectly the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature and the Croatian Environment and Nature Agency – HAOP (formerly the State Office for Nature Protection – SINP).

The service included the design and implementation of functional volunteer programs for Croatian national parks and nature parks. In cooperation with all involved stakeholders, a full range of volunteer programs, internet application and all legal and other supporting documents have been developed and elaborated in detail.

All volunteering programs are available on the website of national parks and nature parks, and application for volunteering can be submitted at Interestingly, 480 entries have already been received in the first year!