Composting sites created in primary schools Komiža and Vis

As part of the project “Waste is not garbage-we compost it for larger gardens – Applying responsible waste management in primary schools and kindergartens” funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, pupils of primary schools in Komiža and Vis participated in the education program “Composting” which helped them learn how to handle waste, with a focus on bio-waste.

The pupils participated in a total of 7 educational workshops through which they created composting sites in their schools and together with their teachers learned the necessary skills for proper composting that will be passed on to younger generations. Pupils provided an example to their locals and showed that proper separation of waste and composting is possible in households as well.

By enthusiasm, will and effort, the young islanders have shown that they are ready and willing to start properly separating waste and taking care of the environment.