Communication manager job opens up at Sunce


Become a part of the Sunce Association and contribute to the protection of the environment and the preservation of nature at national and international levels!

Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce, announces the Competition for the Head of Communications Division in Split.

The Sunce Association is a non-governmental organization that focuses on raising standards and enhancing the environmental and nature protection system, encouraging public involvement and participation and advocating the creation of a responsible society of a conscious human and nature connectivity.


• College education.
• A minimum of one year of experience in media and/or public relations with an emphasis on the design and implementation of communication plans, activities, tools and organization of media and other public events.
• Excellent written and oral knowledge of Croatian and English.
• High quality of written and oral expression, as well as written and oral arguments.
• Excellent knowledge of computer work.

Workplace description:

• Preparing and implementing the communication strategy of the Sunce Association:
– Defining target audiences, messages, activities, tools and communication channels of the organization and its 2 programs and the Interaction of Education;
– Coordinating the development of the Sunce Association standard book and keeping in mind the Sunce’s visual identity.
• Provide support in communication activities for programs, projects and activities carried out by the Sunce Association.
• Providing support in developing and maintaining media relations, promoting the work of the Sunce Association through media channels: written, radio, TV, Internet.
• Supporting the development and implementation of the Sunce Association campaign or the campaigns in which the Sunce Association participates.
• The role of primary contact for media and media coverage as needed.
• Supporting colleagues in preparing public performances and providing feedback.
• Guiding and support in the organization of public and media events (statements, conferences, presentations and excursions to the media, public labeling of environmental dates, exhibitions, bicycle tours etc., national and international workshops and conferences, …) including ad hoc events.
• Development and management of network communication channels including official and project network pages and social media accounts:
– Providing quality content on the website and social networks;
– maintaining two-way communication of the organization on social networks.
• Preparation and development of promotional materials, support in the development of communication tools within individual projects and coordination and monitoring of their distribution.
• Taking care of the legal and contractual obligations of the Sunce Association (donor visibility, copyright compliance).
• Monitoring and evaluating the Sunce’s communications activities and achievements, maintaining databases and documentation, including photo, movie and article databases.
• Participation in the activities of organizational development of the Association.
• Maintain e-mail account management and track relevant email lists.
• Management and development of membership, work and communication with members.


• University degree in communication/journalism, social and related sciences.

• Specialized education related to media work.

• Excellent knowledge of the media scene in the Republic of Croatia.

• Advanced use of computer programs for text design and visualization and use of smartphones.

• Work or volunteering in the civil society sector.

• Experience in the work and/or knowledge of nature and environment protection sector in Croatia.

• Knowledge of the principles of action and civil society actors in the Republic of Croatia and the EU.

• Driving license of Category B (active driver).

Required candidate profile:

• Sensitivity to environmental and nature protection issues and high motivation for engagement in the protection of nature and the environment.
• Good organizational, logistical and operational skills.
• Communicability, perseverance, thoroughness, creativity, adaptability to the environment and experience working with people of different profiles.
• Exalted readiness to teamwork but also independence in work, responsibility and proactivity.
• Ability to simultaneously work on multiple themes/projects.
• Readiness to adapt to sudden deadlines and flexibility in working time.
• Readiness to learn and adopt new skills.
• Strength and creativity in finding solutions.
• Ready to travel occasionally in Croatia and abroad.

What we offer:

The selected candidate will work in a dynamic, creative and flexible working environment with people with years of experience in advocating, researching, educating and informing the public and managing projects in nature and environment protection. We offer the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills related to nature and environment protection and project management, networking opportunities at national and international level through participation in trainings, working bodies, meetings, workshops and conferences in nature, environment and sustainable development sector as well as the civil society sector.

With a selected candidate we will conclude a fixed-term contract (1 year) with the possibility of extending the contract. The probationary period is 3 months.

The following must be enclosed with the application form:
Motivation letter, up to a maximum of 800 words, containing a description of experience, skills and knowledge relevant to the job, motivation to work in this workplace and personal expectations of the workplace and organization.
Applications with the above-mentioned documentation are only received via e-mail at [email protected].

Applications that do not contain the specified documentation (email notifications + CV and motivation letter attached) will not be considered.
The deadline for submission of applications is September 11, 2015.
The expected start of work is in October 2015.

Candidate Selection Procedure

The three-member commission will read all the applications received and evaluate their quality by up to eight candidates to enter the narrow circle, with which to conduct the interviews and, if necessary, conduct testing. Based on the interview and test results, the commission will select the best candidate. Candidates will be informed via e-mail about the results of the competition and eventual conversation.

Announcement Date: 24.08.2015.